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My list of services are vast, and my reputation is that of a general, all-purpose, well-rounded Graphic/Website Designer and Artist with many hidden specialist skills and knowledge, which makes my client’s dealings with me quite simple. “Tell me what you want, and when you want it, and I will do it”, is my general response to my clients.

Working from home/remotely also opens up my working hours to 24/7 service as sticking to conventional office hours not part of my routine, as I go way beyond that for my clients.  If I am awake and available, I am open for business.




I offer the full house design service, professionalism, and quality when it comes to Graphic Design, and my clients enjoy the benefits of my extensive knowledge across the vast media types, branding methods, and latest technology in print, packaging, web, 3D, animation, media, audio and visual and much more.

These services go beyond the norm of using conventional Graphic Design Software used today by venturing into full 3D modeling in Blender and Marvelous Designer which are now a part of my standard daily toolkit.

So if you need someone who only works in Illustrator, for example, I would beg to ask why you would wish to limit your designer’s potential? I work in all the standard Software formats, and I use the one that will be best suited for the work on hand as well as what I am most confident with using and at the end of the day, all the major Software brands like Adobe, Corel, and Affinity share the same file formats and are completely interchangeable.

Graphic and web design rates

My rates are well within the payscale standard of R250.00 per hour for Graphic and Web Design with a minimum charge of R250.00.

Introducing pre-paid services

introducing the better solution for all - when it comes to bulk and ongoing design work

In today’s growing demand for more production with lower costs and less admin, I have adopted this concept to streamline the billing, quoting, and payment process by offering discounts up to 40% less on my standard rate – when my clients opt for pre-paid work.

When you go to a restaurant, do you ask for the bill first before checking out the menu? Well, Graphic and Website design are the same when it comes to customised (non-buffet) work.

When dealing with professionals who charge per hour, quotations are often impossible to work out, and the best you will generally get is an estimate, and even that will often leave one party short and the other smiling after a good long project is completed, and how many times does the scope of a project extend and change after the concept stage?

Prepaid is therefore ideal for those working on tight budgets and those looking to save time and the hassles of ongoing admin and chasing payments, that can mount up to the point of strained working relationships and even litigation at times, so why not keep it simple?

Let’s replace the old PO’s and Quotations process with Tracked Detailed Timesheets using Project Management Software, which keeps you 100% updated on the progress of your work at any stage of any project, and ensures that the designer is being paid accurately for his/her time spent on your project. This also ensures that the designer can focus purely on your project, while being creative and dreaming up your unique and stunning design concepts, while paying attention to the details, which is after all what you are paying for, correct? 

I have even taken this concept one step further, whereby the time saved on admin and financial hassles will then be given back to you, the client, in advance, in the form of a discount from me. The more design time that you purchase at once, the lower my hourly rate will become.




If you are looking for the standard WordPress Website with an online store, you have come to the right place. In fact, most of my recent work involved a lot more than just the basics, by integrating apps that allow the user to interact more with the website and products by utilizing 3D and Layout apps which allow users to better visualize the products which are available to them through the apps available. I am also starting work to with Verge3D and Blender together so that I can offer full 3D and customisable  graphics for Websites. This is a combo which NASA have been using on their website’s visual aids for quite some time.

Click here for more info on our Customizers and Integrations that we have available.

I currently manage and maintain over 8 websites catering from the small startup or family business just needing a basic online presence, to complex websites where everything is customized on a public platform ready to cater to massive volumes of activity, memberships, reports, automated billing, and if the “plugin does not fit, we develop a custom API that will!”.

This all comes with SEO, Google, and Facebook integration as standard and extends further to Zapier, Mailchimp, Hubspot, Project & Team Management integrations, and fully automated tasks and management.

With my roots in Graphic Design, your Website will not only work for you but look good too, so that the “killer landing page” that you imagined is now about to become a reality.

My capacity for taking on new websites is limited whereby I only Design one new website at a time, so you can rest assured that once we get started, you will have my full attention for the duration of the build, and working 7 days a week is not a new concept to me.

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After growing up and spending most of my professional career working with Screen and Litho Printers, I picked up and even invented various ways of overcoming the limitations that the printers endure daily and that knowledge is now available to the public as an online course.

If you are serious about competing in the quality Screen Printing market, this is the course for you.

8 Hours Prepaid

R2000 / R250 per hour

R1600 | R200 per hour

Congrats, you just saved R400!

24 Hours Prepaid

R6000 / R250 per hour

R4940 | R190 per hour

Congrats, you just saved R1060!

48 Hours Prepaid

R12 000 / R250 per hour

R8640 | R180 per hour

Congrats, you just saved R3360!

72 Hours Prepaid

R18 000 / R250 per hour

R11 520 | R160 per hour

Congrats, you just saved R6480!

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