Hello, and a belated Happy New Year to you. I hardly noticed that we are half way through February already as I have been so busy working on Websites, as well as rearranging my own business direction.

With Covid-19 coming and going, sadly many businesses are too. The demand for Websites and Startup Services are definitely on the rise though, and finding the right Website Designer and/or Developer is becoming harder to come by, and of course being a Website Designer myself, becoming the right Designer is equally as challenging.

I have been fortunate though to have worked on some highly technical and challenging sites recently, requiring fully customized design and the full-house in features and integrations. It is for that reason why I have included a Freelance Senior Web Developer to my team to assist with custom code, API’s and making sure that our Websites meet the Global standards and requirements. In fact, these are more like online Apps than Websites, and that’s where I am today.

My creative skills are vast, and my reputation is that of a reliable, general, all purpose, well-rounded Senior Graphic Designer and Artist, with many hidden skills and extensive knowledge in my fields of expertise. This makes my clients dealings with me quite simple. “Tell me what you want, and when you want it, and I will do it”, is my general response to my clients.

Working from home / remotely also opens up my working hours to almost 24/7  as sticking to conventional office hours these days are not a part of my routine – I go way beyond that for my clients.  – If I am awake and available, I am open for business.





If you are looking for a standard WordPress Website with an online store, there should be no reason to be concerned if you have came to the right place or not. WordPress has become simple enough these days whereby anything is possible.

I currently manage over 5 websites catering to the small startup or family business just needing a basic online presence, to complex websites where everything is customized on a Public platform ready to cater to massive volumes of activity, memberships, reports, automated billing and if the “plugin does not fit, we will develop a custom API that will!”.

This all comes with SEO, Google, and Facebook integration as standard and extends further to Zapier, Mailchimp, Hubspot, Project & Team Management integrations, Invoicing, Advanced Downloads, Event Management, Vendors, Webhooks, Custom Fields, Forms, Databases, Support, and fully automated tasks and management.

With my roots in Graphic Design, your Website will not only work for you, but look good too – so that “killer landing page” that you imagined is now also about to become a reality.

My capacity for taking on new websites is limited whereby I only Design one new website at a time, so you can rest assured that once we get started, you will have my full attention for the duration of the build.



I offer the full-house in Graphic design services, professionalism and quality. My clients enjoy the benefits of my extensive knowledge across the vast media types, branding methods, and latest technology in print, packaging, web, 3D, media, audio and visual and much more.

With that said, I wish to introduce you to my – very simple, yet humble, quaint, new business website and domain, – The Rat is Back!

So, what are you waiting for? With all these Skills and Services available to you, where would you like to start? May I recommend a brand new or upgraded, fully integrated and power packed, good looking, custom Website as a start?

If not, would you kindly consider recommending me to somebody who you know who may be interested in any of these services, please?

Thank you for taking the time to read my bi-annual Newsletter, and I hope to hear from you soon.

Best Regards,

Colin Fleming

King Rat Graphics – The Rat is Back!

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