Prepaid | 24 Hours

  • Valid for 2 months
  • No minimum charges
  • Unlimited number of jobs
  • Includes Website Design
  • Includes Graphic Desisn
  • Includes Print Layouts
  • Includes Colour Separations


In today’s growing demands for more production with lower costs and less admin, I have adopted this concept to streamline the billing, quoting, and payment process by offering discounts up to 40% less on my standard rate – when my clients opt for pre-paid work.

When dealing with professionals who charge per hour, quotations are often impossible to work out, and the best you will generally get is an estimate, and even that will often leave one party short and the other smiling after a good long project is completed, and how many times does the scope of a project extend and change after the concept stage?

Prepaid is therefore ideal for those working on tight budgets and those looking to save time and the hassles of ongoing admin and chasing payments that can mount up to the point of strained working relationships and even litigation at times, so why not keep it simple?

Let’s replace the old PO’s and Quotations process with Tracked Detailed Timesheets using Project Management Software, which keeps you 100% updated on the progress of your work at any stage of any project. The time saved on admin and updates will then be given back to you, in advance, in the form of a discount from me as follows…


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