The Complete Graphics Course for Screen Printing
by Colin Fleming ©2020

This course is unique as it covers everything you need to know in order to produce top-quality artwork and positives for screen printing. Learn from a professional who has spent 30 years in the industry working with the biggest and best screen printers in Johannesburg. You get all of his knowledge. tips and secrets which only the top professions in the industry know, and are generally very safely guarded and never fully shared.

“My late father, Roger Fleming was one of the first T-shirt printers in Johannesburg, over 50 years ago. He owned King Rat Features. From a small child, I grew up in the printing industry and I started working with my father part-time while at school in graphics and repro, and then full time thereafter. I formed Something Arty CC in 1997, and have since worked closely with printers such as AMROD, Studio Silkscreen, Stancor Design & print, ElegantFoil & Print, Smartcall, Collage Litho, Polyprint, Studio 5, and many other respectable printers and agencies at the time doing design, repro and colour separations.

I was also one of the first to do Index and Simulated process separations properly in South Africa. This caught the interest of the chain stored such as Edgars and more, as it was finally available in SA as we could finally match the same high print quality printing as imported goods. My system perfectly, and better than expected after I added my own tweaks and adjustments and can be applied to any full-colour graphic, in spot colours.”

We will also explore and fully cover Simulated Process Colour Separations, Touch & Bump, Greyscale as well as Flesh Tones as SPOT COLOURS!

In fact, you will be able to print any graphic with stunning results on any colour fabric with no more than 6 colours – GUARANTEED! 


This course is presented with CorelDRAW and Photoshop for PC so you will be required to have the same in any version for Mac or PC as the main programs used.

You can follow along with and achieve the same results with Adobe Illustrator, GIMP, Affinity Photo, Affinity Design, and Inkscape if you are comfortable with translating my notes into your preferred software as they are all very similar and do the same thing.

You will also need a good quality printer that can print a fine dense black onto clear transparency film which is accurate and consistent. A4 would be the minimum requirement. A minimum of 1200 dpi would suffice.

If your printer is not Postscript or requires a RIP that you do not have, I will show you how to achieve the same results without having to buy RIP by using alternate free software.

You will also be required to have basic comfort and knowledge with your preferred vector and photo software as this course will assume that you already know how to manipulate, create, and edit basic graphics.

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