Convert your Architect plans to 3D models

When you only have the plans in physical form and not digital, I will convert your Architect plans to realistic and stunning 3D models of your new office, home, or Interior Space.

Are you planning to build a structure, home, or office and want to be able to visualize the end result before you start building? Often the architects will provide you with such renders, but it’s not easy to set them down and make little changes here and there, especially at the rate they charge. This is a service that I offer whereby you send me the plans, and I will rebuild the structure from the ground up in 3D and offer you the chance to make any changes to the structure, finish, landscaping, interior along the way.

3D Modeling Services

  • Packaging plans
  • Architect plans to 3D models
  • 3D Product Shoots
  • Clothing design 3D Models
  • 3D Logo Design
  • Film Titles
  • Short Animations
  • Interior Design & Decor and design
  • Scenery & Maps off Google Maps to 3D Models
  • Official Blender artist

Affordable, reliable, and friendly service

This type of work I charge from R6000.00 to do for a client. – Colin Fleming (Freelance Designer)

Contact me, Colin on 081 728 5487 or email for more info, and send your Architect’s plans to set up an appointment and quotation to convert your Architect plans to 3D models.

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