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What you'll discover:

  1. Types of Colour Separations: Delve into the world of colour separations, exploring spot colours, index separations, simulated process colour separations, and CMYK. Explore not only established methods but also cutting-edge advancements still in development.

  2. Photoshop Techniques: Master the art of colour separation using Photoshop's powerful tools. Learn to employ colour range selection, manipulate channels, and harness the potential of layers to create precise and vivid separations.

  3. Halftones and Solid Printing: Develop an expert understanding of underbase, highlight white, and split black halftones. Uncover the secrets of translating intricate designs from digital to print, ensuring stunning results every time.

  4. Advanced Colour Matching: Acquire the skills to seamlessly blend different colour separation techniques, enabling you to produce top-tier screen prints tailored to various applications.

  5. Quality Control and Troubleshooting: Learn to create a Cromalin colour proof that mirrors the final print, enabling you to troubleshoot and approve your design before committing it to the press.

  6. Innovative Printing Approaches: Discover how to print halftones without a RIP or Postscript printer. Unlock the ability to print on a variety of films using a range of printers.

  7. Learn how to make a Cromalin colour proof from your separations that is dot-for-dot like it will print, to troubleshoot and approve before setting up on the press.

  8. How to print your halftones without a RIP or Postscript printer on just about any printer that can print on films

What will you learn?

History of Screen Printing
The modern pre-press techniques
Create the perfect proofing template, disclainers, Dealing with Screen Print Spoilage, and
Colour theory, RGB, CMY, CILAB (LAB), rendering intent, gamut, and colour space
Colour Management, Colour Matching, Pantones, and Callibration
Halftones, Moire, Screen Angles, Dot Gain, Dithering, FM/Stochastic, LPI, PPI, DPI, and Dot Shapes
Screen Printing, Screen Mesh, Squeegees, Exposing, Machines, Inks, and Accessories
Simulated Process Colour, Index Colour, CMYK, Grayscale, and Spot Colour Separations
Making a colour cromalin, an exact simulation was made from the separations to depict the printed result dot for dot.
Pre-press, producing film positives, laser and inkjet printers, imagesetters, making positives without a RIP or postscript
Safety in a print shop, Etiquette, and Motivation
Updated modern prepress techniques for 2024 and beyond.
Why you must think CMY instead of CMYK: Lean to unlock the key in process separations.
Advanced techniques in CorelDRAW and Photoshop related to pre-press
Making print-ready PDF separations for remote work
The Underbase, Clipping, Knocking out Black, Selectice Underbase, Vector Underbase, Highlight White, and the Key ("K" or "Black" in CMYK)

Who this course is for:

Screen Printers

Graphic Designers

Pre-press technicians

Screen printing pre-press technicians

Screen-printing employees

Design Agencies

Any screen printing pre-press technician wanting to polish and upgrade their skills for 2024

Screen printing enthusiasts

Anyone wanting a career as a master screen printing pre-press technician

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